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Croc Crusher - 1.5 Inch Herb Grinder (4 pc. Gunmetal)


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  • Solid 4 piece construction
  • Teflon glide ring
  • Pollen screen and chamber
  • Pollen pick
  • Sharp, long lasting diamond teeth

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Croc Crusher - 1.5 Inch Herb Grinder (4 pc. Gunmetal)

Gunmetal is a color that represents durability and reliability, and just like the color it’s named after, this Croc Crusher - 1.5 Inch Herb Grinder is as durable as grinders get. Thanks to its solid 4-piece construction, this botanical grinder can stick with you — through hell and back. It’s also made using the best raw materials on the market and produced with the help of today’s advanced CNC technology.

If you’re one to take your grinder to the limit, then you’d better pick a grinder that’s as solid as this gunmetal herb grinder from Croc Crusher Grinders.

User Guide

Packing Your Grinder

  1. Open the grinder.
  2. Depending on the size of your grinder, pack a relatively light amount of herbs in the grinding chamber.
  3. Close the grinder.

Grinding Your Herbs

  1. Twist the grinder to start grinding the herbs.
  2. Continue until you feel resistance.
  3. If you want a finer grind, you can flip the grinder upside-down and continue grinding until smooth.

Collecting Kief

  1. Loosen the bottom part of the grinder.
  2. Collect the pollen using the inclusive pollen pick.

Cleaning Your Grinder

  1. Disassemble your grinder.
  2. Soak the grinder in liquid to break down plant residue.
  3. Rinse and dry your grinder.

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