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Choosing the Right Size for You

For the On-the-go

Those who find themselves always on the fly need a grinder that’s small and lightweight. We suggest choosing sizes 1.2-inch and 1.5-inch as they tend to fit in most bags, purses, and pockets. Their sizes also make them easier to use, especially when you’re out and about.

For the Casual Consumer

Do you find yourself consuming botanicals casually? Then your best bet is to pick 4-piece Croc Crusher Grinders sized 2.0- to 2.2-inches. They’re still small but can hold a decent amount of herbs, ideal for when you want to have a quick session alone or with friends.

For the Heavy Hitter

For those who consider themselves as seasoned veterans, picking up a larger herb grinder makes perfect sense, say, the 2.5-inch and 3.0-inch ones. They can help with grinder more botanicals to provide you with enough materials for sessions that will knock you off your socks.

Sharing is Caring

Let’s face it, while most consumers own a grinder or two, not everyone remembers to bring them for group sessions. Dry herb consumers who are always ready to lend a helping hand can get the big 3.5-inch grinder and serve everyone partaking with professionally ground botanicals. God bless you, bud!

Why 1.2 Inch Grinder?

Croc Crusher Grinder’s smallest grinder is perfect for those on the market for a small and compact companion. Yes, you are getting an herb grinder with a smaller capacity, but you are also getting a grinder you can take almost anywhere you go — think road trips and vacations. Sure, you will only get to grind small amounts at a time, but you’re not lugging heavy cargo.

The Croc Crusher Grinders 1.2-inch herb grinder may be small, nevertheless, it comes with all the features that its larger (and beefier) brethren have to offer.


Pollen Pick Included

Despite its small size, the 1.2-inch Croc Crusher Grinders botanical grinder comes complete with a pollen screen, a pollen chamber, and a pollen pick.

Small and Compact Grinder

No other herb grinder is as small, compact, and of course, capable as the Croc Crusher Grinders 1.2-inch herb grinder. Perfect for on-the-go consumers.

Teflon Glide Ring

Each Croc Crusher Grinder, like this 1.2-inch grinder, is fitted with a Teflon glide ring which makes operation seamless, simple, and straightforward.

High-quality Aluminum

The Croc Crusher Grinder 1.2-inch herb grinder is made with high-quality aluminum which makes this mini herb grinder as tough as they come.


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