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x3 croc crusher


Croc Bundle

Get 3 Croc Crusher Grinders in any color or size with a 10% discount.


Croc Crusher 1.5 inch - Black

This thing just rips. It packs a lot of herbs and can tear right through them. I’m definitely telling my friends about it.

- Tim

Croc Crusher 2.2 inch - Rasta

I love its color. It’s defo an eye catcher and a convo piece during group sesh.

- Dan

Croc Crusher 1.5 inch - Turq

Perfect on-the-go grinder. It fits in my pocket and it gets the job done. Thanks Croc Crusher Grinders.

- Nick

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Why Croc Crusher?

Inspired by one of the strongest reptiles in the animal kingdom, Croc Crusher Grinders will tear through your herbs with the power of a crocodile. In the same way, it was designed and engineered to have sharp teeth that can cut through the toughest twigs and even the most stubborn botanical plant matter you have in your cache. And like its namesake, Croc Crusher Grinders are as tough as they come. So, if you want an herb grinder that can keep up with you, then look no further, because all you need is in a Croc Crusher Grinder.